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Within this investigation, quantitative parameters was presented with regards to imply and you may practical deviation and you can stratified variables with regards to numbers and percent. T-shot was applied examine the fresh form and logistic regression data was utilized to check the newest separate variables in postpartum anxiety. 05.

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After collecting data, results obtained from 174 pregnant women entered statistical analysis. 23 pregnant women were excluded from the study due to positive results from the Beck test. 9 participants with gestational diabetes mellitus, 2 cases of hypothyroidism, and 5 patients with preterm labor were hospitalized. 9 people did not attend follow-up and did not respond to telephone calls, 1 had a stillbirth, and thus 49 participants were excluded from the study. The mean age of the participants was 25.7 years. 42% of the mothers experienced the first pregnancy. 67.8% of the mothers were scored below 12 in Edinburgh's postpartum depression scale and 32.2% had a score above 12. After examining the demographic variables between the two depressed and nondepressed groups including mother's age, education level, job, type of delivery, sex of neonate, number of pregnancies, and father's education and job, the household income was the only variable that had significant difference in the two groups and it was lower in the depressed mothers (p <0.05) (Table 1).

The information about an element of the parameters plus prepregnancy loads, body mass index, next and you may 3rd trimester putting on weight, and type and total weight gain during pregnancy was indeed as well as statistically analyzed. To measure her or him, this new statistical test regarding logistic regression was applied there was a significant dating anywhere between depression and you will putting on weight of the third trimester (Otherwise = 1.17).

Depending on the quantity recommended by IOM for regular and you will over weight pregnant women, lbs transform have been divided into step three groups: useless, adequate, and you will way too much, and its own relationship with anxiety is actually examined because of the logistic regression test which didn't reveal any extreme dating (Table dos). Since the money try significantly some other between disheartened and you can nondepressed teams, the connection anywhere between anxiety and all sorts of weight parameters are remeasured that have altered effect of money and once again precisely the third trimester pounds acquire had high relationship with anxiety because of the aftereffect of income (Or step 1.17, 95%CI step 1.04-step 1.32) (Dining table 3).

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As shown in the modern studies, discover no matchmaking anywhere between initially weight and you may initially Bmi since the really once the style of Bmi (regular or heavy) and you will PPD. Evidence showed that feamales in gestational several months is at the greater likelihood of despair and you will research shows a love ranging from being obese and you will depression inside the expecting and nonpregnant females and you can determined that indeed there try a dosage-impulse matchmaking between the rise in top Bmi while the increased danger of depression during pregnancy and you may postpartum .

In the modern data, 33% out-of parents that have regular Bmi and you may 29.4% regarding overweight expecting mothers got successes off PPD tests, while the a couple of teams didn't have a big change during the postpartum anxiety.

Consistent with the results, LaCoursiere (2006) indicated that brand new frequency out-of PPD attacks in females that have regular Bmi was 22.8 ± step 1.2% therefore is actually 30.8% ± 2.5% into the fat female in a fresh analysis, among 245 pregnant women which have typical lbs while pregnant, 7.8% regarding the 6-2 months shortly after delivery got depression . We hypothesized that even more Bmi at the beginning of pregnancy are, more probably the mommy will be to feel PPD however, the information and knowledge failed to keep the hypothesis. Fox and you can Yamaguchi (1997) concluded that in comparison with prepregnancy normal weight girls, heavy women was in fact likely to has actually self-confident consider about their system image and you can weight gain during pregnancy while the cost regarding feel PPD are equivalent into the a few groups .