Dating ranging from energy-modified nutrient consumption and you can blood circulation pressure, showed an inverse relationships ranging from blood circulation pressure and you can potassium and you can magnesium

Potassium Toxicity

Too-much potassium doesn't appear to have a harmful influence on vegetation. It can lead to inadequacies out of most other diet but not (particularly nitrogen, calcium supplements and magnesium) so worry shall be delivered to stop a surplus because of the merely actually applying potassium which has fertilisers when necessary and according to information to the packaging.

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Set up a baseline examination of owners over 40 years of age from inside the A-We area away from Shibata Urban area, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, is actually presented in 1977, with regards to learning probable relationship between dieting issues and you may coronary attack otherwise coronary heart state (CHD). Victims were 999 men and you will 1360 ladies getting an answer rates away from 85% and you will 93%, correspondingly. New dietary consumption of sodium, potassium, calcium supplements, metal, magnesium, zinc, and you will copper try examined having fun with a supper regularity survey that we arranged, in addition to show was basically analyzed for dating between the consumption off various kinds of nutrient and you may blood pressure levels when you look at the a cross-sectional investigation. Read more