The truth towards the relationship ruin measure

Matchmaking sabotage about guidance framework

Brand new 2019 analysis investigated just how dating ruin try displayed on counselling context and you may know from the training psychologists (with well over 20 + many years of experience), specializing in relationships therapy. It was an enthusiastic inductive qualitative data, used just before determining this new sensation regarding matchmaking sabotage, to the skills possible accounts for private motivation and you can affiliate care about-defeating perceptions and behavior. Full, this study provides original proof based on how in order to describe dating sabotage and ways to select thoughts and behaviors which might be symptomatic off dating sabotage. Psychologists demonstrated perceptions and you can behaviors which might be well understood becoming maladaptive for the close matchmaking according to experts in industry, such John Gottman and Susan Johnson and you will acquaintances [20,21,twenty two,23,twenty four,25]. Apparently anyone sabotage romantic relationships primarily to guard by themselves, down to insecure connection styles and prior relationship skills, and the various ways they do this is actually depicted over a dozen head templates: (1) companion assault (elizabeth.g., complaint and you can not enough telecommunications experiences), (2) lover quest (elizabeth.grams., clinginess), (3) mate withdrawal (e.grams., stonewalling), (4) defensiveness, (5) contempt, (6) self-respect things, (7) handling inclination (age.grams., managing partner's finances), (8) shortage of relationship experiences, (9) believe complications, (10) malicious interest (age.g., too-much ingesting), (11) emotions so you're able to points, and you will (12) matchmaking religion. Read more