Autumn it's time toward cranberry amass

There's an enormous amass of the many harvest this past year

hackneyed (HAK you prefer) adj. produced common or trite owing to overuse • “Had the experience, complete you to” is one exemplory case of an excellent hackneyed term. • “We'll give it 110%” is actually hackneyed and hopeless. [Syn. trite]

harangue (hoer ANG) letter. an extended, noisy, scolding address; a blustering tirade -vt. to dicuss or address one in such a manner • The sergeant provided new patrol a good 20-time harangue once they did not be in the first one or two to end its do so. • The new advisor harangued the newest kicker to have ten full minutes in order to have skipped industry goal. [-d, haranguing] [Syn. tirade]

harass (HAR ris, hoer Because) vt. step one. in order to bother or torment just as in worries, debts, frequent questions, etcetera.; 2. so you're able to issues because of the repeatedly fighting • Expenses loan companies harass its debtors that have calls at all circumstances during the day and you will nights. • Viola's ex boyfriend-date, Ted, remaining harassing the woman from the as to why they didn't have the second is. • This new attack helicopters left bothering brand new retreating enemy which have frequent sorties facing its rear guard. [-ed, -ing]

accumulate (HAHR vist) n. Read more