Welcome to the fresh new Enneagram: A hack having Transformation

Given that an employee to own fourteen years on an excellent Religious low-finances you to opinions religious growth, I have had the main benefit of training, seminars, and tests for more information on me. I am aware my Myers-Briggs. You will find done StrengthsFinder and SIMA. I've found out about my Psychological Intelligence. All of them were helpful in broadening myself personally-good sense, indeed, also inside the growing me personally spiritually, relationally, and you will expertly. By far, not, by far the most useful product We have found to possess development 's the Enneagram.

What's the Enneagram?

At first, the latest Enneagram looks eg several other “identity take to,” and you can identification situations significantly engrossed. It goes deeper than simply one to. It assists us see center fears, motives, desires, benefits, blind spots, stressors, and you can sins that most will trip all of us right up. When used in Christian contexts, it shows you areas of God's character and you will links you even more directly to your facts we are built inside the image and meant to reflect your worldwide.

As you can see on icon, new Enneagram include 9 areas otherwise types, with each matter symbolizing a principal identity and therapy. For each place also offers a first stamina or gift you to definitely reflects a feature away from Jesus and you may an initial challenge you to definitely emerges inside the low self-esteem otherwise unhealth.

Sometimes what off “correct notice” and you will “not true care about” can be used for the gifts and you can blind specks of each kind, towards the real worry about representing whom the audience is whenever we was self-aware, match, rooted in all of our title into the Christ, and you will life style of a place out of freedom in being completely who he authored me to end up being. Read more