The negative and positive Sides of Japan’s Obsession with Dating by Blood Type

Relating to blood kind character concept, kind O’s are selfish warriors, and type B’s are passionate nomads.

Looking for love through blood kind. (picture: Oksana Mizina/

Finding love — enduring love — is notoriously hard, plus it’s very easy to feel as if the methods for which to get it are typical but exhausted. Many people make an effort to match on their own with prospective mates by their horoscopes, finding just how their characters had been affected by the movie stars. Other people aim to numerology, while the connections that are mystical figures and life activities. Other people just just just take a far more biological approach: dating by bloodstream kind.

Making use of bloodstream kinds beyond medical intent–such as a marker for personality characteristics–has become a pastime that is increasingly popular the past few years, although the concept was knocking around Japan because the belated 1920s . Dependent on your social history, considering bloodstream kinds in because of this is probably not therefore apparent, but there’s a big market in East Asia that thinks with its merits, such as in Japan and Korea, as well as the usa is starting to get in, too. Read more