The AZ-900 got a refresh in 2021 and some other updates in early 2022, but the basics still hold true. This cert shows you can talk semi-intelligently about Azure without embarrassing yourself. It proves you have an understanding of basic cloud concepts and security, privacy, compliance, services, pricing , and support in Azure. Of course, those certifications don’t always 100% align with what every employer might ask of a person with that title. Check job postings for the name of the cert you’re considering and see if the role and responsibilities sound like something you’d be interested in.

A Guide to Azure Certification -

A Guide to Azure Certification.

Posted: Fri, 23 Sep 2022 13:01:24 GMT [source]

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Maybe you think the future is multi-cloud and you’re taking a “gotta catch ’em all” approach to certs to flex your well-roundedness. Think of them more like power-ups to make the cloud-career game a little easier for you — and potentially unlock some shortcuts to help you reach the next level. You can go here to browse the full library of Microsoft certifications . Data collection is essential for firms that use it for personalized marketing campaigns and improving customer experience. Analytics provided by this data help enterprises observe customer behavior and make critical... Schedule an intro call and 14-day trial to find out how to bring all your data sources together and derive real business value with To allow access to data living in Azure Blob Storage, you have to first make a connection.

  • Develop the skills you care the most about, thanks to the high training budget.
  • Let's look at the factors fueling the industry's demand for Azure data engineers.
  • Someone has to dig into the data and pry out all those next-step nuggets.
  • Works closely with operations as a developer, or with development as an operation professional.

You may be a good candidate for this cert if you’re an administrator with hands-on experience planning, delivering, and managing virtual desktops and remote apps on Microsoft Azure. You understand on-prem virtual desktop infrastructure technologies as they relate to migrating to Azure Virtual Desktop and are able to use the Azure portal and Azure Resource Manager templates with ease. Bonus points if you have experience with automation using PowerShell and Azure Command-Line Interface .

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Couple Infrastructure-as-Code with Continuous Delivery using Azure Pipelines to streamline the deployment of applications to Azure. In modern deployments, automated deployment and management of cloud infrastructure is crucial for ensuring the high uptimes that customers expect. Understand the DevOps lifecycle and the basics of infrastructure management in Microsoft Azure. Learn about cloud security best practices to keep infrastructure secure. Leverage modern technologies to create robust and repeatable deployments in Microsoft Azure.